The game

Why [Revival]Edit

The game was officially called "-The Thing- [Revival]" because it had a failed predecessor called -The Thing- US (US for Americas Servers). As I remade the game, I decided to call it a revival of my old dead map. Not much thought was given to the naming as I had low expectations of the game but wanted to clarify that this was a remake of an older game of mine. The name stuck since renaming was not allowed, and I had gained too much popularity to risk resetting the game's statistics.


Created by Vicboy in late 2012 as a concept map, it had been publicly available in the Arcade for testing and feedback. It had not gained any popularity until mid 2013 when a player named Votron decided to open a lobby of the game. I didn't know Votron and had not expected my game to be in the Open Games list, but when I saw it, I entered it and was greeted by an enthuastic Thing (film) fan who intended to play my game. He told me he wanted to try it out, and if possible, get more players to play it. I let him do what he intended and left expecting nothing to happen. But hours later, I came back to see my game #1 in Newly Published, #11 in Top Played and in the Spotlight (new games usually achieve high rankings for their first weeks).

Because of the unexpected surge of players, I decided to continue working on the map. The map was very underdeveloped; severe exploits and glitches plagued the game and with little time to respond, I had to hastily come up with solutions. I had no time to recode the game and frankly had not much experience to code in elegantly and effeciently. A fifth of the code today is the same code I wrote when I was simply experimenting with the game.