The ThingEdit

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Brief DescriptionEdit

The Thing is an unknown species of extra-terrestrial origin. In The Thing [Revival], The Thing's basic form is that of a monster, much larger than any human and regarded as an aberation. Ingame The Thing is randomly selected from a pool of players that opt in.


The Thing has two main forms, ThingForm, and DisguisedMarineForm. While The Thing is more powerful than a single marine, survivors will tend to group together and overpower it. The Thing must rely on stealth and deception to win the game.The Thing wins the game if all marines die, or if it reaches earth via an EVAC Ship. After The Thing has killed someone while in Thing Form, The Thing now has access to disguise at said person's colour.


Throw - The Thing is permitted to throw an object or marine in close proximity anywhere that does not have a barricade intruding on the flight path. There is a cooldown of 30s.

Disguise - Disguise as a previously killed Marine. Unavailable while in DisguisedMarineForm.

Burrow - Burrows The Thing. Energy is lost at 10 energy points a second.

Burrow Charge - While burrowed, charge to a nearby location as long as no sealed walls/doors intrude on the flight path.



The Thing has a maximum energy capacity of 600. After using energy, the energy will delay regeneration for 5s. When regenerating, 12 energy will be restored each second.                             Note: Currently, you may only lose energy by burrowing or by walking over a molotov.Edit


The Thing has 115 maximum health. After taking damage there is a delay of (?)s before regenerating health. Health is regenerated at a rate of (?) health points a second.Edit


The Thing does (?) damage points per strike to a Marine. Attack rate is equal to an attack every (?.?)s.


The Thing travels at a speed of (?.?) normally.