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The following is a list of all the pages you may browse on this Wiki. Edit

-Buildings   Edit

This direct will take you to the database for all buildings currently known in The Thing [Revival]. Here you can find out how each building works and what it has to offer you on either side of the battle.

-Maps Edit

This direct will take you to the database for all of the maps within the map pool of The Thing [Revival]. This is where you go to find out more about the history of the maps within the game and how to benefit from each. The Map database also includes information on how each map is different and explains what attributes you should expect and potentially use or avoid.

-Items Edit

Clicking on this link will take you to the knowledge of the items within The Thing [Revival]. From grenades to molotovs, you can inspect and understand your arsenal as both a marine and as the Thing.

-The Thing (Unit) Edit

Not quite understanding how Thing works? Click here to have it explained to you, down to every last statistic. Wondering how fast The Thing is compared to marines? No problem. This section has everything you need to know about the Thing covered.

-History Edit

The Thing [Revival] has a tragic history involving a failed past game of Vicboy's. Read more about it here and become immersed in the community with your newfound knowledge.

-Marine_Strategy Edit

This section revolves around Marines, and how to survive the onslaught of a pro Thing. If you need help, or new tips and tricks to staying alive and winning, this is the place for you.